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Become a Krasr Affiliate

Earn money by prompting awareness and increasing sales with one of the fastest growing beauty product lines!

Become a Krasr affiliate and start earning money using your website, blog or newsletter. As an affiliate you will receive cash for driving website traffic to and earn a 10-20% commission for every sale that occurs as a result.

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Commissions In Every Sale
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Sign up to be a Krasr affiliate using any of our affiliate networks who will help you promote Krasr on your online channels, track the website traffic and sales that you drive and pay you accordingly.

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As an affiliate, you choose where and how to promote Krasr depending on the specifications of your site.

  • Earn

Earn money every time someone clicks on a link to from your site and earn 10-20% commission on every sale that happens as a result.

Why become an affiliate?

Sales and Popularity

Krasr products sell thousands of units each day on some of the world’s most popular websites such as Amazon. So, driving click-throughs and sales is easier than prompting with other companies.

Pricing and Volume

Our most popular at home beauty products cost upwards of $100 and sell thousands of units daily. Buy earning a larger commission on products with high (and rapidly growing) sales volumes you will earn more money faster.

Exclusive Insider Offers

Exclusive offers sell. You will receive promotion offers exclusive to affiliates, helping you use your site in a smarter way by promoting better offers.


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